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sophia@milanswc.org sophia@milanswc.org  •  2023-02-09  •  The Edinburgh Community Climate Fund  • 

grow your own herbs
grow your own herbs

Investment project code: 15

Milan proposes to employ a climate champion to work within our daycare provision and carers support groups to promote and raise awareness about climate change and how best to make small changes within their households to benefit our environment. The project will: 

  • Deliver climate healthy meals within our day-care provision and educate older people on how and why to avoid rich carbon food and how they can reduce carbon emissions by making the right choice of foods.
  • Deliver informative workshops at least three times per month to promote reducing carbon emissions through food, travel and upcycling and recycling activities
  • Organising and delivering 3 swap shops per year for older people and our unpaid carers support group to get rid of unwanted goods which would go to landfill
  • Informative stall at a large Mela festival which Milan organises yearly and attracts over 5000 people. And is open to all..
  • Deliver informative talks and activities around saving water, growing their own vegetables and encouraging people to share transport and walk more.
  • Recruit a climate challenge champion within both our older people groups, unpaid carers groups and staff groups to set a good example and motivate people to tackle global warming together.   
  • Organising wardrobe audits for group members and encouraging people to bring in clothes they have no worn to get altered to wear rather than sitting in their cupboard. This will help to reduce clothes being taken to refuse bins and impacting our climate.
  • Recruit volunteers to work within the groups to engage with people with disabilities and who need more one to one support to participate in the project.  
  • Gardening activities to promote own growing at daycare centre

Location: EH17 7JJ

Proposed on behalf of: Milan is a registered day-care service providing much needed services to elderly South Asian communities and unpaid carers as well as delivering an information advice service and outreach and befriending work to keep people connected within their communities. ole ion inf

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