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Seedlings to Seniors

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Investment project code: 26

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Bringing community members together to grow our own people and plants.

“Seedlings to senior’s” will provide access to gardening for all, through making raised planters, hanging baskets and accessible activity. This intergenerational opportunity will encourage people of all ages to get their hands dirty for sustainable community benefit.

Location: Corstorphine Community Centre

Proposed on behalf of: Corstorphine Community Centre (CCC) a SCIO granted charitable status in 2018.CCC offers a range of community activities to build resilience in the community, address gaps in service provision, provide volunteering opportunities and develop partners. Corstorphine Community Centre (CCC) operates in the North West area of the City of Edinburgh and has a thriving mixed population. There are many families living in the area with multiple aged children and a broad mix of ethnicities within the community. At the heart of all the activities that CCC provides is social inclusion and nurturing community cohesion. CCC has recently moved into a new building. This building has much higher capacity than our previous one.

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