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Rebuild the Magic of Gracemount Community Garden

l.jamieson l.jamieson  •  2023-02-10  •  1 comment  •  The Edinburgh Community Climate Fund  • 

Gracemount Community Garden South Facing Wall
Gracemount Community Garden South Facing Wall

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The magic of Gracemount Community Garden is enjoyed by local people of all ages. Its future will be secured by repairing the key south facing wall.  The people who currently benefit from Gracemount Community Garden are from the local community including people facing particular challenges who can draw strength from the therapeutic green space of the garden, children attending local schools and local youth groups who come regularly to the garden, those who attend events in garden and spread the word to others.  We will use the money to maintain the magic of the garden by repairing the key south facing wall and develop related events for the community. That part of the wall has a break in it that is getting bigger and a wider stretch of cap stones are missing. 

Location: Gracemount Community Garden, 47 Gracemount House Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 6FD

Proposed on behalf of: We sustain Gracemount Community Garden. While growing food together, local people address climate change and biodiversity.

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  • jillpurves

    Hopefully the wall can be made safe soon! Much needed space for all the young people and families who visit! Fingers crossed

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