Fresh Start

Starter Packs

Fresh Start’s Starter Packs project received 338 votes and was awarded funding of £20,000. So far this year, Fresh Start has achieved significant progress in supporting individuals transitioning from homelessness into furnished, livable homes:

Essential household goods like crockery, pots/pans, bedding, towels, small electrical items, toiletries, cleaning products, food, curtains, soft furnishings and television sets have been provided within the first three days of service users moving into new tenancies. This initiative has significantly relieved the financial burden on homeless households and ensured they have the essentials needed to settle into their new homes. 

In partnership with Bethany Trust, the organisation has also ensured the provision of crucial furniture items such as beds, tables, chairs, sofas and shelves.

An innovative support system where volunteers, equipped with paint and decorating equipment, assist service users in decorating two rooms in their new homes, further aiding in the transformation of empty spaces into comfortable living areas.

Access to specialist advice covering housing rights, benefits, debt management and income maximisation has been provided, offering crucial guidance for new tenants in navigating their new living situations.

The organisation offers access to affordable food through their community Pantry. Additionally, they host cooking and food-growing workshops and community meals, providing opportunities for socialising and skill development.

Find out more by reading the Fresh Start application to the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund or visit their website