Rhyze Mushrooms

Micro Mushroom Farms for 3 Community Cafes

Rhyze Mushrooms, Micro Mushroom Farms for 3 Community Cafes project received 325 votes and was awarded funding of £9,990. So far this year the first phases of this project have mostly involved planning, consulting with the three community centres we are partnering with to deliver this project. We have built a prototype miniature mushroom farm with our volunteers, giving valuable DIY experience to people. We have run workshops at Bridgend and Oxgangs, introducing people to the project and giving them their first experience of mushroom cultivation.

Quote from community member on their experience:

“It’s really cool how it’s bringing the community together, it’s a learning process for everyone getting involved and having people learn from each other whilst growing something together. The mushrooms can be shared out or made into a big soup too so everyone can enjoy what they worked to create”.

Find out more by reading Rhyze  Mushrooms application to the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund or visit their website