Wee Spoke Hub

SHRUB’s, Wee Spoke Hub received 327 votes and was awarded funding of £20,000. So far this year they have;

● Secured additional funding for the Wee Spoke Hub project (£46,295)

● Hired 2 members of staff (Wee Spoke Hub Coordinator and Communications Coordinator)

● Launched the Wee Spoke Hub Newsletter

o Sign up Link here.

● Received three nominations from the SCSP Volunteer Awards (Emmanuel Artiges, Alex Williams and Wee Spoke Hub Project)

● Events to date

o Volunteer Open Door Day 31st August

o Launch Night 9th September

o 5 Led rides

o 13 DIY Sessions

o 8 Training workshops

o 1 Volunteer Social

o Communities Events Programme

● Developed the Activities Programme

Find out more by reading the Wee Spoke application to the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund or visit their website