Building Bricks 4 EdinBRIC

EdinBRIC’s, Building Bricks 4 EdinBRIC project received 387 votes and was awarded funding of £20,000. So far this year, EdinBRIC has successfully established its infrastructure including appointing a Board and agreeing a constitution. There is a growing mailing list of interested parties and a triage system for email enquiries. The group has hosted 4 events and spoken at another 6, developing connections with other relevant groups. A website has been developed with the group's overarching theory of change published, showing how people and groups can move through the process, getting support, and developing their ability to help themselves to become more sustainable communities.

Going forward the group will continue running events both online and in-person, city-wide and neighbourhoods. They will follow up communication with enquiries from events, prioritising supporting new community groups to be formed. They will also consider structural and funding options for EdinBRIC to provide long-term sustainability to community retrofit and improvement.

Quote from community member who attended event:

“Very empowering for households to consider factors prior to taking action, also simplified complex and technical aspects.”

Find out more by reading the EdinBRIC application  to the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund or visit their website