Building Bricks 4 EdinBRIC

EdinBRIC established a framework for interested community leaders to step forward and get involved in community retrofit and building improvement. The events held educated those who attended in matters as diverse as how to start a group, to building physics, and funding applications.

By building the Retrofit Rover – a display and events kit which fits on a cargo bike – they made resources and a process by which this can be delivered many times over into the future. EdinBRIC’s website and mailing list, along with an events schedule, allows them to reach out to the community and find other leaders who want to use our resources, frameworks  and systems to further the outreach and education.

EdinBRIC held events in many parts of the city, speaking with people from varying socio-economic backgrounds. The events raised awareness, educated people, and helped people understand existing sources of support for their particular situation.

Community enthusiasm for the idea was significant, and interest in the subject clear. The variety of organisations and communities looking for help was encouraging that this topic is one where help is really needed.

The project believes its impact could result in the equal vent to operational carbon savings of 70tCO2.

Quote: “Very empowering for households to consider factors prior to taking action, also simplified complex and technical aspects..”

More information about the impact of the project is available online.

Find out more by reading the EdinBRIC application  to the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund or visit their website