The Edinburgh Community Climate Fund


Application process 

How to apply

  1. Read up before you start – we have put together some common questions and answers below to help.  

  2. Register on the Your Voice Platform here.

  3. Once registered click "submit a project idea" and upload your project proposal/summary on the Your Voice Platform. Your project summary on Your Voice should not use any technical language or jargon, be accessible for diverse audiences and those who have never worked on environmental projects. Your Voice will guide you through the information it needs to create an entry for your project, including the project summary.  

  4. Write your application – here is the link from which you can download the form.

  5. Email the completed application form to before 12 February. 

Who is the fund aimed at?

This funding is exclusively aimed at Edinburgh-based groups delivering local climate projects that would contribute to the city's net-zero target and 2030 Edinburgh Climate Strategy. All projects must be delivered in Edinburgh.

Who can apply?

Any Edinburgh-based community, voluntary or non-profit organisation can apply for up to £20,000 to put ideas into action. Normally these will have one of the following structures:

  • Constituted community group or club
  • Social Enterprise
  • Community interest companies (CIC)
  • Registered charity (SCIO)

The fund does not accept applications from:

  • individuals  

  • sole traders  

  • City of Edinburgh Council Services

  • organisations based outside Edinburgh

  • organisations focused on making profits and sharing these profits privately - including companies limited by shares, organisations without the right asset locks or organisations that can pay profits to directors or shareholders

I have an idea but I am not part of a group?

Informal groups who do not meet the above criteria can still apply but will be required to work with a parent organisation who would submit the application in partnership. If you are not sure or would like to discuss, please contact  

Can we put in a joint proposal with other organisations? 

Yes. Partnership proposals are actively encouraged, especially where they will result in reduced consumption by sharing resources across a community area, or with a similar community group. 

What type of proposals are you looking for?

We need your ideas for projects that will meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • Create opportunities for community leadership and learning on climate change 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions within communities and contribute to the net-zero agenda for Edinburgh 

  • Generate sustainable projects for the benefit of local people to build resilience or adapt to climate change within communities  

  • Build relationships between neighbourhoods of different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds to work together on just, equitable and accessible climate and resilience activities contributing to the city's net-zero agenda, also ensuring that activities work towards reducing or removing barriers for disabled people in the transition to net zero.

The fund will not support:

  • Any proposals with unfunded recurring revenue impacts or that place any unfunded burdens on the Council

  • Proposals that lobby or require the Council to change policy

  • Projects or activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide, such as a local recycling service, bus stops, local bus services, etc. 

  • Proposals that involve improvements to buildings that are not owned by the applicant or significant infrastructure being installed on land that is not owned by the applicant - unless evidence of permission to do so is included within the application

  • Feasibility studies, development costs, design fees, planning costs.

  • Costs incurred before the Project Start Date or after the Project End Date.

Additionally, the fund will not fund:

  • Contingency costs

  • Core organisational or overhead costs - that are not directly related and proportional to the delivery of your project.

  • Items or activities which benefit an individual rather than the community as a whole

  • Fundraising activities or donations to other organisations

  • Loans, interest payments, bank or credit card charges

  • Political or religious activities

  • Alcohol or tobacco

  • Livestock and associated costs (e.g. food)

  • VAT that you can recover from His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

  • Costs incurred using high-carbon modes of travel (flights, cars, taxis, etc.) when lower-emission alternatives are available. All flights are ineligible unless there are extenuating circumstances.

How many applications can one organisation make? 

Organisations can only make one application but they can apply for funds to support multiple aims so long as the total is no more than £20,000.   

What happens if we get the funding?

Successful applicants will be required submit a monitoring report to the City of Edinburgh Council. Please retain all invoices, among other details, as you will need them for the monitoring report. We will send you a report template and remind you when the report is due (i.e. usually about 12 months after the receipt of funding). You will be asked to provide:

  • A breakdown of how the money was spent, together with receipts

  • A short report, including photos and videos if possible, and showing for example, who benefited, how the project addressed the themes that have been discussed throughout.

Will we receive feedback if our application is unsuccessful?

Yes, you will receive feedback through the application portal.  

How do we apply?

Download an application form.   

All applications are made via the online platform and by returning the completed form to  

Can we get help with our application?

Yes! As long as it meets our themes, we really want your project to be there at the voting stage.  If you need any help with your application, please contact as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you. You can contact us directly with questions or for some support. You can ask for someone to come along and speak to you and/or your group directly about the project and the themes or attend one of our drop-in information events.

For application support please email: